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Playground Repairs

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The Mill Bank playground is currently undergoing repair works over the summer months. Calderdale Council, in agreement with St. Mary’s School and The Mill Bank Group, confirmed the best option was to do the remedial work during the school holidays, as the school use the play area significantly during term time.

The below works are currently being undertaken:

  • Remove the existing rotten wooden logs that are currently retaining the grassed area above the sand safety surface
  • Reduce the gradient where the retaining logs were used.
  • Removal of rotten wooden stepping stones.
  • Adding soil into the sand and seeding with grass seed.
  • Repair existing pathway and steps.

The Council are also in the process of assessing the viability of the repair for the zip line play equipment as there is significant rot identified on one of the posts. There’s no set timeframe for fixing or replacing this item, as it’s not currently available in stock.

Since this equipment is unique, the Council has asked a specialist contractor to examine it to determine whether it can be fixed with minimal costs. If they can fix it, they’ll order the needed parts and get it repaired. If the equipment cannot be repaired, it will be removed from the playground and additional funding would be sought for a replacement.

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