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Guided Heritage Walk

An old mill, now called The Old Watermill, next to a small pond

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The Mill Bank History Group invite current residents and friends to a Guided Heritage Walk around the village on Sunday 17th September 2023 at 2pm.

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the captivating stories of Mill Bank. Uncover the hidden gems that have shaped our charming village.

The Mill Bank History Group will lead you on a journey through time, bringing the past to life with fascinating anecdotes and intriguing legends.

Book your free place by contacting Ruth Beazley on 07753748482 or This event is free but donations will be welcome.

Sunday 17th September (2pm)

The walk starts at 2pm at Gledhill Farm, Nathan Lane

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Refreshments Provided

Tea and cake will be served at Gledhill Farm

Stroll along quaint streets that have witnessed centuries of change. Learn about the pioneers who settled here, the industries that flourished and the triumphs and challenges that have moulded Mill Bank’s identity.

Delve into the past as you uncover tales that provide a window into the lives of those who called Mill Bank home. These stories paint a vivid picture of daily life, traditions and the passage of time.

Our heritage walk is an enriching experience suitable for history enthusiasts, families, and curious minds of all ages.

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