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Toad Patrol

Toad crossing the road

As many of you know, our local toad and frog population is a vital part of our ecosystem.

However, with changing weather patterns and increasing human activity, monitoring their numbers and wellbeing has become more crucial than ever. That’s where you all come in!

During February, March and April, a team of volunteers venture out each evening on Lumb Lane to keep a close eye on our amphibious friends.

For those wishing to help and volunteer this year, we kindly ask you bring a bucket, torch, gloves and wear something high vis.

Please follow these simple guidelines whilst on toad patrol:

1. Timings

Record the the time you’re out observing. This helps us track the activity patterns of our toad and frog friends.

2. Temperature & Weather

If possible, jot down the temperature and any relevant weather conditions. This data helps us understand how environmental factors may be impacting our amphibians.

3. Count Live Numbers

Keep a count of the live toads and frogs as this gives us valuable insight into their numbers and distribution.

4. Count Deceased Numbers

Unfortunately, not all encounters end happily. If you come across any deceased toads or frogs, make a note of their numbers. This information aids us in understanding potential threats to their survival.

5. Spotting Newts

Don’t forget about our newt friends! If you encounter any newts during your observations, be sure to document their numbers as well.

Your efforts in collecting this data will greatly contribute to our understanding of local amphibian populations and help guide conservation efforts.

Additionally, keep an eye out for the toad signs being put up to raise awareness and ensure our amphibian friends can safely navigate their habitats.

Thank you all for your dedication and good luck on your nightly excursions! Together, we can make a real difference in protecting our toads, frogs and newts.

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