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Plant Swap

House plants on a shelf

This event has ended

Calling all plant enthusiasts! Come and join us for the first Mill Bank plant swap taking place on Sunday 19th May at 3pm.

Bring along your surplus seeds, seedlings or cuttings to swap with fellow Mill Bank villagers. You can also bring any extra garden or house plants to exchange for other plant varieties.

When and Where?

The plant swap starts Sunday 19th May (3pm) at Gledhill Farm, Nathan Lane.

What should I bring?

Bring any surplus seeds/plants that you are willing to exchange with others.

All plants and seeds must be healthy, pest-free and labelled. Plants can be in soil or rooted cuttings in water (please only bring pots that you are willing to part with). Bring your own bags and/or containers to carry your new green friends home.

Many of the villagers also use mobile apps which could help you identify plants and get useful care information.

It’s also a great opportunity to socialise, meet your neighbours and adopt new plants!

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