Spring Update

Hi All,

Spring is staring to stir! After such a wet and cold winter we deserve some warmth? However it does mean that we have much work to do around the village to get it ready for the Spring Judging of Yorkshire in Bloom. Any help you can give will be gratefully received. Can you let me know if you have some time available to help. The areas where we will need some help are in the following areas; Graveyard, behind the Mill Bank Stone, the snicket down to the Graveyard, the triangle of ground opposite the Old Coop, Nathan Lane Car Park plus Nathan Lane, By the stream going into Fiddlewood and by the stream on the Calderdale Way ( a tree which blew down in the gales needs to be removed). Please try and help.
There is also some repairs needed around the village;- the Calderdale Way sign has been knocked  down in the gales; the raised beds on the playing field need to be replaced/repaired. If anyone is handy with sort of work please let me know.

School Quiet Area;

As part of work with the school children we are helping build a contemplation/quiet area for them. We are clearing and area near to the school but we need some help clearing out a lot of old roots. If anyone has the use of a rotavator or other mechanical device that would be very helpful.

History Boards;

Gary McCall has produced a prototype of one of the Boards and we are currently looking at this to ensure we have the correct balance between map, images and copy. Once we have this agreed Gary will go ahead with producing the Boards for us.


Dog Poo;

I have reported this to Calderdale and they have kindly cleared the mess. They have indicated that anyone caught causing this is liable to an £80 fine. I believe that my last message has got home because there is certainly less new deposits occurring? We do propose to put some bags available at the notice boards for villagers to use and then to deposit them in the two bins, made available for them – by side of the Broadband Box above the graveyard and by the stream as one goes into Fiddlewood.

Book Club;

If you would like to attend the Mill Bank Book Club please contact John Anderson johnanderson48@icloud.com The Club meets monthly on the last Thursday of each month at the Alma at 7.30pm.


If you know of villagers, current or those that may have left the village and who would like to keep in contact please let me have their e mail addresses so that I can add them to the regular email Newsletter.