Mill Bank Book Reprint 2020

The book ‘Mill Bank. The Story of a West Yorkshire Village’ has been reprinted and is available £10 by contacting Ruth Beazley on 0775 3748 482 or

‘Mill Bank’ is based on Hazel Whiteley’s memories from childhood, her family connections with Mill Bank and her research into the history of the village. She gives humorous anecdotes about village life in the early twentieth century when Mill Bank was a thriving, self-sufficient community with double the present population.

Hazel’s father was the youngest son of Annie Cartwright’s seventeen children and Annie ran one of the many village shops during the 1940s.

Hazel describes how villagers worked together in times of crisis, for example when bankruptcy hit Kebroyd Mills in 1902 and almost all working people were made redundant overnight; during two World Wars, and later in the 1960s, when the Council was determined to demolish the village. Determined action taken by villagers, including Hazel saved the village and it achieved Conservation Area status in the 1970s.

Hazel’s research traces the history of the village from pre-historic times to the end of the 20th century. It includes information about the nine mills that used to be within walking distance, the seven village pubs and over forty shops and services that were also available locally. Today there are no mills, no shops and only one pub.

Ruth Beazley has edited the book and included other stories told to her by others over the past thirty years.